Runner's Life Force Vitamin D3 + K2

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Runner's Life Force Vitamin D3 + K2

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  • Boosts Immunity
  • Promotes Calcium Absorption
  • Strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Improves Mood

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Key Superpowers of Vitamin D3 + K2 Combination

✅ Boosts Immunity

✅ Promotes Calcium Absorption

✅ Strengthens Bones and Teeth

✅ Supports Heart Health

✅ Improves Mood

Enhanced Immunity

Vitamin D3 is crucial in activating your body's natural defenses. It enables your immune cells to respond quickly and effectively, helping you fight off illnesses more efficiently.

Optimal Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D3 and K2 work synergistically to regulate calcium in your body. They promote the absorption of calcium in your intestines and guide it to where it's needed most - your bones and teeth. This results in stronger bones and teeth and less calcium deposition in your arteries and soft tissues.

Bone and Teeth Strength

Adequate levels of Vitamin D3 and K2 are essential for maintaining bone density and strength. By facilitating calcium absorption and utilization, they help build and maintain healthy, strong bones and teeth.

Heart Health Support

Vitamin K2 plays a role in preventing calcium from being deposited in the arteries, contributing to better heart health.

Mood Improvement

Vitamin D3 is often referred to as the "sunshine vitamin" because it can affect the mood and wellbeing. Its deficiency is associated with higher risk of depression and mood swings. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 can help improve mood and overall mental health.

the Power of Vitamins D3 & K2

Vitamin D3

Also known as cholecalciferol, Vitamin D3 is a type of vitamin D that the body naturally produces when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Despite this, many people are deficient in this vital nutrient due to limited sun exposure. Vitamin D3 plays an essential role in the body by promoting calcium absorption, which is crucial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Moreover, it supports immune function and can help to regulate mood and ward off depression.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2, or menaquinone, is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in the body's metabolic process. It works synergistically with Vitamin D3 to help direct calcium to the bones and teeth where it's needed most, and away from the arteries and soft tissues where it could be harmful. Vitamin K2 is also essential for blood clotting and may contribute to cardiovascular health by preventing arterial calcification.

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