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AVANTO Lifestyle Belt with Free Wrist Wallet. New generation fanny pack with slim fit design gives you a sporty look and feel, Lifesaver in everyday use, exercise or travel – hands-free money belt. VIEW SIZING CHART!

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NEW GENERATION FANNY PACK with slim fit design gives you a sporty look and feel, Lifesaver in everyday use, exercise or travel - hands-free money belt

SUPER COMFORTABLE elastic material makes the belt feel like a second skin. No zippers that break, get stuck or scratch your phone. The wide design makes it an awesome phone holder for large phones and passports. Foldable for extra security. Zipper pocket included in the wrist wallet

NO BOUNCING - superior running belt, the weight spreads out around your hips and fits tight. Reflective logo for extra safety. Special inside pocket for holding phone separate from running gel, keys, and snacks. Use on top or under clothes

MATERIAL TESTED FOR HARMFUL SUBSTANCES, meets human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. It ensures that our products are environmental and not harmful to your skin. 

AN EXCELLENT CHOICE for people who live an active lifestyle and when on the go!

ALL THE POCKETS YOU NEED! When you need to carry your valuables, medication, insulin pump or other important items with you. Whether you need a running belt, fanny pack, travel money belt, cell phone holder or passport holder, this belt is for you! Both for women and men.

STYLISH SIMPLE DESIGN is easy to wear on top or hide under clothes - you can choose whether you want to keep the waistband visible or hidden.

IN THE WRIST WALLET you can keep your credit cards, money, notes, etc. quickly accessible for yourself and you will be easily aware of the valuable things you are carrying with you.

Don't lose your phone or passport, BUY NOW – get a 2-pocket Wrist Wallet ($19.95) FOR FREE. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from our small family business. Percentage of each purchase donated for children's charity

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If your belt doesn’t stay in place, you have the wrong size. If it’s riding up it’s too small, if it’s not tight it’s too big. We offer free exchanges.



Very comfortable to wear

This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. What better way could I find to carry my cell phone, wallet and so forth. I have gotten so that I don't leave the house without it. I don't wear shorts or long pants with a belt so carrying the cell phone was not a pleasure. Thanks for this great product.


Somebody finally reinvented the fanny pack!

This slim belt fits subtly around your waist and makes being hands free around the house an option! It is also good for working out but as a mom to two young kids I find the ability to throw this over a pair of leggings and carry my phone, etc. around while chasing my kids is HUGE. It's comfortable and discreet and stays up even with stuff in it. Highly recommend!


Multifunctional and good looking

I've been using this waistband for soon 3 months and I'm very happy with the product. It's useful both on outdoor walks and around the house. I have a full time job trying to keep up with my mobile baby and this waistband let's me keep small items on me at all time. Also, when I go on walks, I can easily store my phone, keys and other small items in it. It overall has a sleek look to it.


We have 100% money back quarantee and we offer free exchanges.

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