Freedom. Adventure. Safety. Joy. Performance.

These five words embody the driving force behind the establishment of Avanto Lifestyle in 2018.


Our passion for unrestricted outdoor exercise led us to create Avanto Lifestyle. We believe in the freedom to engage in outdoor activities at any time, in any season, enabling you to achieve optimal results.


We envisioned a world beyond the confines of crowded sidewalks and well-lit streets, where adventure awaits. At Avanto Lifestyle, we encourage you to explore new horizons and embrace the thrill of venturing off the beaten path.


Safety lies at the core of our mission. We understand the importance of visibility from all angles, ensuring the safety of both ourselves and our valued customers. With our innovative products, we enhance visibility, making you 16 X safer.


We believe that fitness and training should be a source of pure joy. Our unique and cleverly designed products are crafted to bring you unparalleled joy, enhancing your training experience and delivering superior results.


We are dedicated to optimizing performance through proper nutrition and injury prevention. At Avanto Lifestyle, we recognize that taking care of your body with the right nourishment leads to enhanced performance, enabling you to achieve long-term success.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission at Avanto Lifestyle has been twofold: to bring light to the outdoors and to you, and to improve safety and performance in exercise and everyday life while fostering happiness.

Avanto Lifestyle

Lighting Up Your Path to Safety, Performance, and Happiness.

Check Out Our Products

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Chest Light PRO $34.99 $39.99
HANDS-FREE FLASHLIGHT – ALL-IN-1 – You won't need other reflective gear or headlamps. Front and backlight with reflective straps TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF – IPX5-rated, water-resistant, reliable lamp. Designed for adventures, running, walking, camping, bicycling and working outdoors RECHARGEABLE VIA ANY USB-C PORT – Long-lasting battery: 5-hour runtime. Includes battery status indicator ADJUSTABLE BEAM – Aim the light up and down as needed. Adjustable size for adults and works as kids’ safety light BE SMART AND VISIBLE – Get the original Avanto Chest Light PRO light for all your nighttime activities! 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact our supreme customer service and we’ll take care of you! GET YOURS NOW from our small family business!
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LED Reflective Vest $29.99 $29.99
BE VISIBLE FROM A DISTANCE with our new reflective running vest. Keeps you safe in traffic when dogwalking, running, cycling or motorcycling, and more. Improves visibility and safety 90% over old-fashioned reflective vests. USB-C RECHARGEABLE LED VEST – Glowing LEDs in the front and back. Super bright and durable, it lights you up 360Β°. High-visibility color with wide reflector straps keeps you safe day and night, winter or summer. EASY TO PUT ON HIGH VISIBILITY LED VEST – Elastic adjustable straps fit most people and sit tight with no bouncing when used as reflective running vest. FULLY TESTED – Avanto products are tested to ensure durability and usability. 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee.Β 
-12% sale
Clip-on Light PRO $30.99 $34.99
NEW VERSION FOR 2023 – CLIP LIGHT PRO with 300 lumens, extended 3-hour battery life and easier charging port access over other clip-on lights. USB-C Rechargeable. HANDS-FREE CLIP-ON FLASHLIGHT – Attach to clothes, gear vest, gear belt, hat, rope or reflective running gear. Can also attach to any metallic surface and be used as a task light. TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF – Water-resistant, compact, reliable lamp to take anywhere when on the go. Designed for running, hiking, walking, camping and working outdoors. Use SOS mode in case of emergency. ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT THINKING – Cover made from recycled ABS material, which is 100% recyclable. Minimal packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions during shipping. Say no to obsolete package waste! Rechargeable battery reduces battery waste compared to other lamps. 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee.Β 
-13% sale
Chest Light Triple Beam $34.99 $39.99
THE MOST RELIABLE SAFETY PROTECTION IN 2023 – Chest running light for runners and hikers – ALL-IN-1. You won’t need other reflective running gear, running safety vests, or headlamps. Front and backlight with reflective neon-colored straps. TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF Night running light – IPX6-rated, water-resistant, reliable lamp. Designed for adventures, running, walking, camping, bicycling and working outdoors. Usable all-year-round, made with only the best components. RECHARGEABLE VIA ANY USB-C PORT – Long-lasting 2200maH lithium polymer battery with 7–10 hours of runtime. Includes battery status indicator. ADJUSTABLE BEAM – Aim the light up and down as needed. Adjustable size for adults and works as kids’s safety light! 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee.Β 

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