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Jani Vihervuori, CEO

Avanto Lifestyle was born in Finland, near the Artcic Circle

Where the winters are dark and cold

The Core Team of Avanto Lifestyle: Jani, Kristiina and Kari

It was year 2018 when we decided, that this winter we won’t let the darkness drain our energy. Something needed to be changed, so that we’d thrive through the winter without feeling exhausted all the time.

When the seasonal tiredness takes over, often as the first thing you let go of exercising and going out for running or walking. This begins a negative circle that continues feeding itself.

We realized, that one of the biggest reasons for this is the darkness. You just don’t feel excited to go out to the darkness when you don’t see where you are stepping. Headlamps felt uncomfortable.

This is how our products were born. We wanted to test our product ideas first in a bigger market, so we launched our products on Amazon US.

And people loved them! In 2020 we had sold 56 000 products and the sales just keeps growing. In 2021 we expand to Canada and EU.

We want to inspire you to just go outside into nature, despite if it’s cold and dark!

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