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Chest Light Arcturus $39.99 $49.99
2nd generation Chest Light – All in 1 runners light with 900 lumens – you won’t need other reflective gear for jogging. Five front leds and backlight show the way, with reflective striping on the harness for additional safety Real-world-tested and weatherproof nighttime running light – IP44 rated lamp: water and dust resistant USB type-C rechargeable – Long-lasting battery: 3–5 hours of use time. Includes battery status indicator. The powerful 2,500 mAh battery also works as a power source for charging your phone in an emergency Adjustable beam – Aim the light up and down as needed. Two light settings: flood and beam. Unlike headlamps, does not dazzle other runners and pedestrians. Lightweight device – More comfortable than a headlamp and does not bounce or chafe. Adjustable size fits most adults and works as a kids flashlight for safety! Hands-free solution for outdoor activities – Designed for all nighttime adventures, including running, walking, camping, bicycle, and more. Also suitable for working outdoors at night
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Chest Light Classic $30.99 $35.99
Enhanced Safety in the Dark: Significantly reduces pedestrian fatalities by improving visibility in areas with poor lighting. 16x Increased Visibility: Provides an all-in-one solution with a front beam, red backlight, and reflective straps ensuring 360Β° safety. No Glare for Others: Chest-mounted design ensures you won't blind others during interactions. Reduced Stumbling: 250-lumen light placement enhances ground shadow visibility, preventing trips and falls. Maximize Night-time Performance: Overcome the darkness and achieve up to 30% better training outcomes. Long-lasting Battery: USB rechargeable battery lasts 3-4 hours, letting you train longer. Versatile & Reliable: Weatherproof (IPX4), suitable for running, walking, hiking, biking, and more. Quality-tested for durability. Comfortable & Adjustable: Designed for adults, it offers superior comfort over traditional headlamps. Perfect for Dog Walkers: Integrated front and back lights with reflective straps keep hands free for leash holding. Top-notch Customer Service: Responsive and ready to address any concerns.
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Chest Light PRO $34.99 $39.99
HANDS-FREE FLASHLIGHT – ALL-IN-1 – You won't need other reflective gear or headlamps. Front and backlight with reflective straps TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF – IPX5-rated, water-resistant, reliable lamp. Designed for adventures, running, walking, camping, bicycling and working outdoors RECHARGEABLE VIA ANY USB-C PORT – Long-lasting battery: 5-hour runtime. Includes battery status indicator ADJUSTABLE BEAM – Aim the light up and down as needed. Adjustable size for adults and works as kids’ safety light BE SMART AND VISIBLE – Get the original Avanto Chest Light PRO light for all your nighttime activities! 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact our supreme customer service and we’ll take care of you! GET YOURS NOW from our small family business!
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Chest Light Triple Beam $34.99 $39.99
THE MOST RELIABLE SAFETY PROTECTION IN 2023 – Chest running light for runners and hikers – ALL-IN-1. You won’t need other reflective running gear, running safety vests, or headlamps. Front and backlight with reflective neon-colored straps. TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF Night running light – IPX6-rated, water-resistant, reliable lamp. Designed for adventures, running, walking, camping, bicycling and working outdoors. Usable all-year-round, made with only the best components. RECHARGEABLE VIA ANY USB-C PORT – Long-lasting 2200maH lithium polymer battery with 7–10 hours of runtime. Includes battery status indicator. ADJUSTABLE BEAM – Aim the light up and down as needed. Adjustable size for adults and works as kids’s safety light! 1-YEAR 100% money-back guarantee.Β 
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Dog Walking Light Set $44.99 $49.99
LED WALKING/RUNNING LIGHT SET to act as your guardian angel - This set includes our hands-free chest light and two additional safety lights which you can use as a dog collar light for dog safety and/or attach to them to your clothes or a stroller THE AVANTO ORIGINAL CHEST LIGHT - illuminates your path where there is a lack of pedestrian infrastructure. Reduces accidents and provides an added layer of safety. 18 x better visibility in traffic than with just a reflector LED SAFETY LIGHT(2 PCS) - Easily attach our compact, weatherproof flashing wearable led lights to any cloth, leash or harness. Increase visibility and enhance safety during your runs or nightly walks NO EXTRA REFLECTORS NEEDED - Chest light has reflectors in straps and red rear lights. LONG 5h battery life - the chest light is USB-C rechargeable and clip on light works with replaceable battery AVANTO - BEST RUNNING LIGHTS FOR RUNNERS - Be smart and visible, check all Avanto products from our brand store! Benefit from our 1-year 100% money-back guarantee and exceptional customer service! OPTIMAL ILLUMINATION - The adjustable beam can be aimed up or down as needed, ensuring you and your dog are visible from all angles. It's perfect for walking dogs at night, even in poorly lit areas ALL-IN-ONE STROLLER LIGHTS - With a chest light for yourself and stroller light for your child, you won't need additional reflective gear. It's a comprehensive solution for night walks DURABLE AND WEATHERPROOF - The IPX5-rated design makes these lights water-resistant and reliable, perfect for walking in any weather. They are built to endure your most adventurous night walks HIGH-QUALITY, PRACTICAL PRODUCTS designed with your safety in mind. Invest in the best for your nighttime activities. We're a small family business that values our customers and their pets' safety above all RELIABLE AVANTO QUALITY - Get yours now!

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