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Clip-On Running Light PRO

THE NEW 2020 VERSION – CLIP-ON LIGHT PRO has 300 lumens, Extended 3h battery life and easier recharge access than other clip on lights.

A lightweight, small but super bright handsfree flashlight that is easy to attach to clothing with a strong magnet. This lamp leaves your hands free for other activities – safety light that is easy to carry with you anywhere!

HANDSFREE FLASHLIGHT – Clip on your clothes, gear vest, gear belt, hat, rope or reflective running gear. Attach also to any magnetic surface and use as working light

TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF – water resistant, compact, reliable lamp to take with You anywhere when on the go. Designed for running, hiking, walking, camping and working outdoors. Use SOS-mode in case of emergency

LIGHTWEIGHT ATTACHMENT for running gear or any outdoor gear when you need a light

ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT THINKING: cover made from recycled ABS material, which is 100% recyclable. As little material used in packaging as possible which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from freight. Say no to obsolete package waste. Rechargeable battery reduces battery waste compared to other lamps

EASY TO CLIP ON with 2 strong magnets
Extended 3 h battery life •  SOS code flash in case of emergency – 300 lumens

USB RECHARGEABLE on any USB port, no battery needed

LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL – stays on and does not bounce

IPX4 waterproof


If you have any questions or you need support, please contact: support@avantolifestyle.com


Avanto Clip-on Running Light PRO, Handsfree Flashlight that is easy to attach to clothing or any magnetic surface

Avanto Clip-On Light PRO works great also as a Dog Walking Light

Avanto Clip-On Running Light PRO lights up your path in the woods and trails

Avanto Clip-On Running Light PRO is a lifesaver for people on the go


Great light for running in the dark!

This light is BRIGHT! I clip it on my waist band (with the magnet and it stays put for my 4-6 mile runs)- it lights the road in front of me and it makes me very visible to cars. I love that is is rechargeable and I can use my cell phone USB port in my car to charge it. So far I have used it twice for 45 minute runs and have not charged it in between. Great purchase for me!


Lights up the ground in front of you, stays put

It is *very* bright when set to “high” (to the point that I worry that it is possibly too bright for approaching cars when I’m running against traffic, so I set it to med or low). It stays in place, lights up the sidewalk and street in front of me, recharges, has minimal packaging and has a nice, long battery life (as advertised). I love it!


Fantastic for running

I bought this light so that I can see in darker areas when I am running early in the morning. I did not want a headlamp as I don’t like the pressure on my head. When I found this, It seemed like the perfect solution and it has been. It’s light weight. I clip it on my waistband and off I go. It’s so light that I don’t even notice it other than for the light it provides me. I has three different brightness levels and a fourth blinking option. I am thrilled with this and would highly recommend it.

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