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Chest Running Light Classic

Super comfortable and powerful, Avanto Classic Chest Light – bright front light and safety rear light with reflective webbing for your nighttime adventures. Ensure safety for the whole family!

👍 FOR YOUR COMPLETE PROTECTION – Chest Running Flashlights for Runners and Walkers – All in 1 – you won’t need other night running light, running safety gear or headlamps. Front and backlight, and extra reflective straps

👍 TESTED AND WEATHERPROOF – IPX4 water-resistant, reliable lamp. Designed for adventures, running, walking, camping, bicycle and working outdoors. We choose the best components for our lights!

👍 RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT on any USB port. Beam adjusted 3-10m in front of you. LONG LASTING 1800MaH battery with 4 hours of use time with battery status indicator

👍 LIGHWEIGHT AND ADJUSTABLE SIZE for adults and works as kids flashlight for safety!

👌 BE SMART AND VISIBLE – get this product NOW for any night time activities! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from our small family business. Just send us a message and we will make it right! Percentage of each purchase donated for children’s charity

  • 400 LM Light Beam
  • Adjustable Strap Length (3 points)
  • Extra Safety Reflector on Straps
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Use time: 4 hours

Download User & Safety Instructions here »

Battery: 1600mAh Lithium Polymer
Important to know!!! Polymer battery keeps the light bright even if the power is low - when the light beam starts to dim, the charge is almost gone, immediately turn off the light.

Polymer battery is the best battery in the market and prevents the light from dimming out when the power is low, but it may damage the battery if you let it run out of power completely.

3 Modes: Hight 100%/Low 50%/Flash
Run time: High 300LM 3-4 hours - Low 150LM 5-6 hours
Charging time: 3-4 Hours


Attach the light to any standard USB port with the cable

The light is fully charged when all 5 red lights are on1 grid light represents 20% of the power

The Chest Light is fully USB-rechargeable, so there’s no need for batteries.

The light comes 80-90% charged so it can be used right away, but we do recommend fully charging the light before the first use to extend the battery age

DO NOT attempt to open the battery compartment!

Battery lifespan: 2000 hours
Waterproof IPX5 - can take the rain

Enjoy your product!

We care about our customers and constantly improve our products!  In the production line, we frequently test the product quality

Sometimes some bad apples may pass. We give you a full satisfaction guarantee.
If you have any questions or problems using the product - just send us a message to support@avantolifestyle.com and we will make it right!


If you have any questions or you need support, please contact: support@avantolifestyle.com


Runners Rejoice!

Very bright and comfortable to wear. I’m an early morning runner and always wore a headlamp, this product is a game changer. I can now wear any type of seasonal head gear and eye protection without the headlamp getting in the way or being positioned improperly. I also love the flashing lights on the back, I run down a lot of dark country roads. An early morning/evening running must have!


Safety and support for running or walking in the dark!

I love this product! It stays in place and does not bounce around. The light is bright and you can choose where it’s direct (down or forward). This is an important safety aspect, since the light should face the ground, so it won’t blind cars. The light in the back addes extra protection, since you are visible from the back as well. The straps can also be adjusted so it fits diffreent bodies sizes. This is especially handy for females, since it can be adjusted either above or below the chest, depending on your preference. Overall a really good product to have!


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