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What We Do

We manufacture and sell products for people with active lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to live active lifestyles with safety and confidence, enjoying the world’s offerings with a healthy mind and body.

Our Values

Deliver WOW



Happy Customers

Impossible = More time

Simplicity wins

Meet the core team

Avanto Co-founders

As co-founders and passionate martial artists / entrepreneurs, we’ve embraced a healthy lifestyle for decades. Our journey has been filled with intense workouts, pain, injuries, and even broken bones. These experiences have taught us the immense value of feeling good in a healthy body. We firmly believe in the synergy between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

We dream, We plan, we execute

As one of our core values, we believe that the word “impossible” translates to “it will require more time”.

With such a strong-willed team, there is almost no task that could not be done.

Thinking Globally

We began our journey by focusing on a single niche, taking one step at a time to master it. However, conquering this niche was never our end goal. We always harbored a larger ambition: to establish a global lifestyle brand that empowers people to feel safer and more confident. It was this vision that led us to expand our brand into multiple sub-brands, each targeting different niches simultaneously.

persistence & Discipline

Some of us have been training in Japanese Budo (martial arts) for more than 30 years. This experience has taught us the importance of persistence and discipline in achieving goals and in maintaining our physical and mental health. Over time, we have learned to find happiness in our practice, even during challenging times. We believe that this mindset has also enabled us to achieve success in business.

Avanto Journey

December, 2018

Avanto Was Born


New Product – QuintX5

Clip-On Light


New Product – SolX1

Chest Light


$1M in All-Time Sales


New Product – TriX3

Chest Light


Over $1M In One Year


New Product – PentX

LED Reflective Vest


New Product – SashX

LED Sash


New Product – CapX3

Cap Light


New Team members

July, 2023

Avanto rebranding

In cooperation with BrandBeat Global

July, 2023

New Niches

New product lines for different niches

September, 2023

Avanto Platform development

End of 2023

$5.5M in all-time Sales

Over 205k units sold. 7k+ 5-star reviews on Amazon


New Product – CubeX5

Chest Light

January, 2024

Launch of new Sub-brands

Avanto Lifestyle includes:
– Avanto Safety
– Avanto Wellness
– Avanto Dogs
– Avanto Platform


Always Open To Connect

Jani Vihervuori

CEO / Corporate sales, Co-founder

Kristiina Vihervuori

COO, Co-founder

Peteris Kelle

CTO, Co-founder

Amna Razzaq


Shafaat Hashmi

Board member, Co-founder




5-star reviews
on Amazon


in business

One of the Best-sellers on Amazon
with $5.5M in sales