Be visible and safe at night time

Ensure the safety of the whole family!

Be visible and safe at night time

With Avanto Lifestyle® lights you see your way and are seen in the dark, and have your hands free. You will be visible 360°!

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Lifesavers for People on the Go

  • Avanto Lifestyle® Chest Light Pro

    Chest Light PRO Super Bright Light for Runners and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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  • Avanto Lifestyle® Clip-on Light PRO with strong magnetic attachment

    Clip-On Light PRO – Running Light with Magnetic Attachment, Extra Safety and Visibility

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  • Avanto Lifestyle® Chest Light Triple Beam

    Chest Light Triple Beam for Best Visibility in Traffic when it’s Dark

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  • Avanto Lifestyle® Chest Light Classic Dog Walking Light

    Chest Light CLASSIC – Handsfree Light for Dog Walkers

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