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Safety Equals Confidence

From illuminating safety gear to wellness products for you and your loved ones – We’re here to enhance your safety and build your confidence.

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Wearable led Lights to enhance safety in the dark
Supplements for active lifestyle enthusiasts
Accessories for dogs and dog walkers
Community & Safety Education Platform




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One of the Best-sellers on Amazon
with $5.5M in sales

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to live active lifestyles with safety and confidence, enjoying the world’s offerings with a healthy mind and body.

Our Values

Deliver WOW



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Impossible = More time

Simplicity wins

Our Products

Avanto Safety

Avanto Wellness

Avanto Dogs

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Jonathan Wells

Supplements privately labeled by a former NFL player for the Houston Texans.

Meet the core team

Avanto Co-founders

As co-founders and passionate martial artists / entrepreneurs, we’ve embraced a healthy lifestyle for decades. Our journey has been filled with intense workouts, pain, injuries, and even broken bones. These experiences have taught us the immense value of feeling good in a healthy body. We firmly believe in the synergy between a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Always Open To Connect

Jani Vihervuori

CEO / Corporate sales, Co-founder

Kristiina Vihervuori

COO, Co-founder

Peteris Kelle

CTO, Co-founder

Amna Razzaq


Shafaat Hashmi

Board member, Co-founder


Avanto Lifestyle

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